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Christian Berg

(played by Trey D. Johnson)

Bernhan Belghan

(played by Sophie Sorenson)

Rowena of Hagen

(played by Gabriella Shepherd)

Troush Shlimmer

(played by Marino Brody)

Lisbet of Hagen

(played by Kathleen Saratoga)


Jane Abshire,

Executive Producer & Writer

Nora Avalon,

Author of Series &

Co-Executive Producer

Hunter Tracy,

Co-Executive Producer &


Nikki Goodman,

Associate Producer

Cinematography & Design:

Tad Thames,

Director of Photography

Mel Hank,

Director of Photography

Gerte of Lasten

(played by Monica de la Vega)

Agnetha Berg

(played by  Cody Stillwater)

Magnus Overhaff

(played by Max Appleton)

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