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The Tales of Toverud: A Mockumentary 

Created by Allison Minick & Liba Vaynberg

It is 1808. Denmark-Norway is at war with Sweden. The blood has barely dried from the recent Napoleonic wars, and the struggle for power continues.

Young royal women are forced to disguise themselves as ski-soldiers pass through the smallest of towns covered in snow and secrets. One by one, every king and bastard's life is touched by the war, and the movements of men are dwarfed by magic and creatures no one believed existed.


This original and highly anticipated series, brings to life Nora Avalon's hallmark of historical fantasy: THE TALES OF TOVERUD.


It is 2013. Allison & Liba meet.

It is 2016. Allison & Liba start making music videos and create Main Wench Productions. They've been featured on WhoHAHA and Funny OR Die.

It is 2017. Allison & Liba create a mockumentary about two women who adapt a "Game of Thrones"--esque historical-fantasy-romance book series into a television pilot.

Their pilot is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2017 LA COMEDY FESTIVAL & SCREENPLAY COMPETITION and the 2018 Amsterdam Int'l Film Festivals. See the wonderful laurels on the left.

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